Cigarette smuggling, crime without judicial sanction

Editor’s Note: Translated from the Spanish via Google Translate. The original text is here.

From: Dairio Libre [Domican Republic]

Only between 2013-2014 Customs seized 7.8 million illegal units

SANTO DOMINGO. “Give me a cigarette,” asked the customer. “A Haitian?” Asks the clerk grocery store. “Yes,” he replies. The provider gives hesitant an L & M cigarettes sold legally in the Dominican market. “But that is not Haitian,” he claims the buyer. The seller then look stealthily under the counter cigarette Haitian manufacturing Comme il Faut, smuggled and sold tax-free in Dominican Republic to RD $ 5 per unit, ie RD $ 2 and RD $ 4 less than the authorized brands.

In Santo Domingo, the border cities and the south, and in other districts, the Comme il Faut and Point, the only brands of this sector produced in Haiti, cigarettes are sold openly, although Comme il Faut Company, based in Port au Prince, told this newspaper that no exports to the Dominican Republic.


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