Zhenhai News Network: Nearly 3,000 Counterfeit Cigarettes Were Destroyed

Editor’s Note: Translation courtesy of the Center for Regulatory Effectiveness

Source: http://www.cnnb.com.cn/, Ningbo, China Network   March 22, 2011

Zhenhai News Network (correspondent Chen Feng-shan) reported today that nearly 3,000 counterfeit cigarettes and 2.5 tonnes of low-quality silk were destroyed. The value of the counterfeit cigarettes was 736,000 yuan and involved nearly 20 brands.

“Most of the consignment was seized in transport or shops.” District Tobacco Monopoly Bureau staff said. There were dozens of ways to tell the cigarettes seized were counterfeit, mostly counterfeit famous brands, which show some authenticity but are also full of flaws. “At a glance it could be determined the cigarettes were produced in an underground factory. For instance, some of the brands have never produced hard pack cigarette boxes that in the market were actually for sale.”

“People can learn to recognize and avoid  buying counterfeit cigarettes through careful observation.” Staff said. When carefully inspected, buyers will see that counterfeit cigarettes packaging has rough printing, the color is different, the printed tobacco materials are angular, lack of luster and flexibility. If consumers who buy cigarettes suspect that there is quality problem, you can also call the 12 313 complaints number.

Tobacco Board Staff recommends that people who buy cigarettes, go to regular retail stores to purchase tobacco.


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