Counterfeit fake cigarettes posing brand new health risk: Editorial

From: MassLive

By The Republican Editorials

‘It’s the real faux thing.”

Eventually, some company making electronic cigarettes will have to consider adopting that as its tagline. And why not. Because when it comes to cigarettes, everyone knows that the real thing is very bad indeed. Not that this knowledge is sufficient to get everyone to quit smoking, of course.

But now that there’s an alternative – smokeless, high-tech electronic cigarettes that deliver nicotine without actually first having to start a fire – some have been opting to change rather than quit. And wouldn’t you know it, just as e-cigarettes have been growing in popularity, counterfeiters have been picking up the pace. Because there’s money to be made. Global sales of e-cigarettes totaled $7 billion at the end of 2014, and are expected to increase to some $51 billion by 2030.

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