China’s Ministry Of Commerce Pledges To Crack Down On Counterfeit Items Sold Online

From: Consumerist


After another Chinese government agency scolded e-commerce giant Alibaba and its eBayesque subsidiary Taobao over its mismanagement of its business and for selling or allowing bogus goods to be sold to the public, the country’s Ministry of Commerce has pledged to crack the whip on the online industry and try harder to prevent the sale of
counterfeit goods.


Yesterday the State Administration for Industry and Commerce criticized Alibaba in a white paper, alleging that Alibaba and Taobao allowed for products to be sold that infringe on trademarks, or are of substandard quality. The paper said the company looked the other way when fake cigarettes, alcohol and branded counterfeit bags were sold on its marketplace sites, along with weapon sales and other things the public shouldn’t be able to buy.

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