Ontario wants to ban menthol smokes and regulate e-cigarettes

From: Canada.com

Menthol cigarettes would also be banned come 2016, as Ontario seeks to follow the European Union’s lead

All flavoured tobacco, including menthol cigarettes, will soon be banned in Ontario, as the government introduces legislation that would also regulate the sale of e-cigarettes.


This version goes quite a bit further than the original bills, as it now includes measures to control the sales of e-cigarettes and, intriguingly, would ban menthol cigarettes. It also builds on anti-smoking measures Ontario announced last month, which would ban smoking on all restaurant patios and near playgrounds, among other places.


However, as the government also seeks to curtail contraband cigarettes
sales as an effort to curb the underground economy and boost tax
revenues, a ban on menthol could send even more people to buy minty
smokes on First Nation reserves or over the border in the U.S. or other

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