E-Cigarette Black Market Developing: A Warning to Regulators

Editor’s Note: Regulators should take note of the story below highlighting an emerging black market for e-cigarette products. Policy makers at all levels of government should be cautious not to enact restrictions which could fuel the contraband market. Instead, federal, state and local government officials should “crime proof” any e-cigarette regulations before they enacted to ensure that they don’t contribute to smuggling, tax evasion and other crimes.

From: Click Orlando/WKMG Local 6

Counterfeit FDA seal found on e-cigarette ‘juice’

Chinese import part of unregulated industry

Author: Mike Holfeld, Problem Solver

ORLANDO, Fla. -It’s not smoking, it’s “vaping,” and it appears the popular smoking alternative that fuels e-cigarettes has at least one import claiming FDA approval to fool consumers into buying their brand.

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The Chinese import is being sold with a counterfeit FDA seal in Central Florida flea markets, raising serious questions about rogue products infiltrating the industry and getting into the hands of unsuspecting kids and adults.

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