Iran may have hundreds of Hezbollah operatives in the US

From: ground report

Author: Robert Tilford

In 2012 the Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, Congressman Peter King, said the Iranian-backed militant group Hezbollah may have “hundreds of operatives based in the United States”, and he said Hezbollah, and not Al-Qaeda, poses the greatest terrorist threat to Americans.

“That estimate is on the low end”, according to Thomas Dunn, a counter-terrorism expert in Charlotte, N.C. Dunn, went one step further by saying “that Hezbollah probably operates cells in Charlotte, N.C.” When pressed for specific information Dunn declined to do that, fearing the divulging any details could compromise any ongoing investigations by the FBI and local law enforcement and referred us to the FBI field office in Charlotte to ask such questions. Dunn did say that Hezbollah has been active in Charlotte since the 1990’s.

We found a WCNCnews report that confirms Dunn’s statement about a Hezbollah cell in Charlotte, N.C. (see: Hezbollah cell in Charlotte, NC ).


“Should the US launch a preemptive military strike and invasion of Iran,
Hezbollah cells and sleeper cells could become active and cause us a
lot of trouble here inside the US”, says Dunn. Adding it is something he
worries about a lot, especially since he lives in Charlotte, N.C. where
Hezbollah is believed to operate multiple cells, mainly for fundraising
and cigarette smuggling operations across state lines, he said.

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