Other Dangerous Counterfeit Products

From: The Irvine Herald (Scotland)

Women warned of fake goods danger

Women are being warned of a growing trade in fake cosmetics, tanning creams and slimming tablets which can be ineffective and sometimes harmful.

Police say counterfeit criminals are also extending their range to alcohol, condoms and ovulation kits.

Officers with the Scottish Crime and Drugs Enforcement Agency (SCDEA) will warn women of the dangers of buying fake goods and how to spot them at the Girls’ Day Out exhibition at the SECC in Glasgow this weekend.

Their advice is that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is

Detective Chief Inspector Ronnie Megaughin said: “Imagine how you would feel if you injected a tanning solution which turned your skin orange. And that’s not to mention the health risks you are exposing yourself to by using a needle.

“Then there’s counterfeit alcohol. It’s bad enough having a hangover when you’ve had a few too many but imagine how you could feel if you’ve been drinking wine or vodka which contains household cleaning agents or even methylated spirits. If it doesn’t kill you, you could be left blind or in a coma.”

Police said false websites are being used by criminals to sell counterfeit goods, steal credit card details and obtain cash for goods that will never be delivered.

The best advice consumers can follow is to check out a brand’s authorised and approved sellers and dealers, and always buy beauty products from a trusted source, said the SCDEA.

Mr Megaughin said: “Don’t risk giving your nearest and dearest friends an infection by giving them fake cosmetics – it’s not uncommon to find paint stripper and nail varnish remover and in mascara.

“We are urging consumers to think very carefully before buying fake beauty products or any other counterfeit goods.”


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