Best Practices in the Fight against Global Counterfeiting

In response to global concerns about counterfeiting, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has released An Action Guide to Strengthen Cooperation and Collaboration across Industry Sectors and among Global Supply Chains.

As ANSI explains, “Counterfeit merchandise has led to numerous risks for consumers worldwide, from significant health and safety concerns over counterfeit lifesaving drugs, to flammable electrical devices, to tremendous financial loss for U.S. businesses, government, and individuals. With up to $250 billion in business losses and 750,000 American jobs at stake each year, it’s clear that these illegal and unethical actions have led to economic instability and decreased quality of life for people all over the world.”

The Action Guide, attached below, outlines “concrete steps to assess and address counterfeiting across industry sectors. From standardization of supply chain procedures and strengthening compliance, to support for law enforcement, increased education, and greater public-private collaboration, fighting counterfeiting is a war on all fronts. Traditional methods of oversight and enforcement are simply not enough; all affected parties must play a proactive role and work together for solutions.”



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