Lab results shed light on shocking contents of fake fags

From: The Star Mobile

KUALA LUMPUR: Hair, insect eggs, dead flies, pieces of wood, paper and even human faeces have been found in illegal cigarettes.

Laboratory results, released by a special division of Canada’s national police force, revealed these shocking findings on the seized cigarettes.It is believed that foul ingredients make their way into these cigarettes due to lax or non-existent safety and quality standards.Illegal cigarettes also pose serious health risks as there is barely any regulation to oversee the ingredients used.As such, the amount of tar and nicotine in an illegal cigarette may be many times more than those sold by regulated sources.Counterfeit cigarettes contain much higher levels of nicotine than genuine brands, and produce more harmful carbon monoxide.A study carried out by the International Chamber of Commerce Counterfeit Intelligence Bureau revealed that some counterfeit cigarettes contained cadmium five times higher than the permitted level, six times as much lead, 160% more tar and produce an extra 133% of carbon monoxide.Cadmium is extremely toxic to humans, affecting the kidneys and lungs. Exposure to lead can also be dangerous and chronic lead poisoning is associated with kidney damage and can affect an unborn child.Many smokers think that illegal cigarettes are still cigarettes, minus the high price. But the truth is there are great risks involved.


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