More than 100 million counterfeit goods seized at EU borders

Editor’s Note:  Translation courtesy of CRE

From: EuroXpress — News portal of the European Union

The number of counterfeit products were seized in the EU exceeds 15% the previous year. The value represents almost 1,300 million euros.  Most are drugs, followed by packaging materials and cigarettes.  The leading country of origin is China.

China remains the country sending the most counterfeit products to the EU.  73 percent of all items are from there. Although it depends on the products, food mainly from Turkey, Panama alcoholic beverages, soft drinks in Thailand and mobile phones are arriving in Hong Kong.

Detecting fake products entering the EU is of central importance to the economy of the EU stresses the European Commission, but may also affect the health and safety, as some counterfeit products are food, hygiene items and toys childhood.

The European Commission has adopted a new regulation on implementation of customs rules in matters of intellectual property rights, and greater cooperation with countries of origin.

The value of the products intercepted represents nearly 1,300 million euros compared to 1,100 million in 2010. The articles are the most counterfeited drugs, 24% of all seized, second packaging materials by 21 percent and third cigarettes by 18 percent.

The everyday products and others that may be potentially hazardous to health and safety of consumers represents 28.6 percent of the seizure. The number of these products sent by post, of which 36 percent contained drugs.


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