FDA Must Examine Counterfeit Cigs, CRE Says

23 Feb

 The Center for Regulatory Effectiveness (CRE) has informed the US Food and Drug Administration and its Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee that “contraband cigarettes pose a serious health problem and that TPSAC is required by statute to address this issue in its study of menthol.”

 The CRE sent the FDA three documents that make its case for the FDA’s responsibilities regarding counterfeit cigarettes. Those documents contain information regarding the health risks posed by counterfeit tobacco products and wording in the law that created the TPSAC requiring it to protect public health.

 In a  letter to TPSAC’s chairman in February, the CRE’s Jim Tozzi wrote, “It is imperative that TPSACs fulfill its statutory directive to address the effects of contraband cigarettes on the health of adolescent and adult smokers.” Read more information here.


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