Illicit Trade in Gold, Oil, & Cigarettes Funds Terrorism

Editor’s Note: See also Cigarette Smuggling and Cyber Security: Low-Tech Crimes Fund High-Tech Threats.

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Natural Resources Exploitation and ‘Jihadist Drugs’ Fueling Terrorist Groups

An ISIS clerk makes payments to families of dead jihadists using U.S. currency in early 2016. (ISIS image)


The World Atlas of Illicit Flows compiled by INTERPOL, RHIPTO – a Norwegian UN-collaborating centre – and the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime provides the first consolidated global overview of their significance in conflicts worldwide.


The merged al-Qaeda groups HTS in Syria and JNIM in the Sahel make an estimated $18 million to $35 million and $5 million to $35 million, respectively, from illegal taxation, donations, kidnapping for ransom, extortion, smuggling of counterfeit cigarettes, drugs and illegal taxation.

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