Untaxed Tobacco: The Price Keeps Going Up | Crime Syndicates Turn College Kinds Into Mules

From: The Daily Telegraph

Crime gangs use tour guides, university students to smuggle cigarettes into Australia

Australian Border Force officers at Sydney International Airport with a pile of recently discovered black market cigarettes Picture: Stephen Cooper

Ben McClellan

TOUR guides and university students are being used by criminal syndicates to smuggle cigarettes into Australia.


If successful, more than $50,000 worth of cigarettes can be smuggled in through just one passengers’ luggage.

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High Tobacco Taxes Push Minority and Immigrant Smokers to High-Toxin Smuggled Cigarettes

Editor’s Note: For more information on the racial impact of “sin” taxes, see Weaponizing Poverty. Cross-posted from the Counterfeit Cigarette Study Forum.

Chinese immigrant men smokers’ sources of cigarettes in Canada: A qualitative study

From: Tobacco Induced Diseases

Aimei Mao, Joan L. Bottorff, John L. Oliffe, Gayl Sarbit and Mary T. Kelly

Received: 20 July 2016 | Accepted: 16 March 2017 | Published: 21 March 2017



Immigrants often experience economic hardship in their host country and tend to belong to economically disadvantaged groups. Individuals of lower socioeconomic status tend to be more sensitive to cigarette price changes. This study explores the cigarette purchasing patterns among Chinese Canadian male immigrants.

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Tobacco industry rep concerned by cannabis packaging rules

From: Lift News

Imperial Tobacco’s Eric Gagnon says it’s unfair that proposed packaging and branding rules for cannabis in Canada are not as strict as those for tobacco products

By David Brown


Many in the cannabis industry have argued that branding is needed for legal companies to distinguish themselves from illicit producers and sellers. Without this distinction, the government’s goal of taking supply from the black market will not succeed, they say.


Gagnon says it’s confusing that the government “recognizes these rights and arguments for the marijuana industry and not for the tobacco industry, which is already highly regulated.”

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NYC Contraband Cigarette Vendors Do NOT Need a Bigger Incentive to Get Kids Hooked on Cigarettes

From: NACS Online

New York City Proposal Would Push Cigarette Cost to Nation’s Highest

The mayor’s bill would raise the base price per pack of cigarettes to $13.


The proposals drew ire from the New York Association of Convenience Stores (NYACS), which pointed out that illegal cigarettes are the real issue. “We resent the fact that the administration and the City Council are trying to attack law-abiding retailers when the real problem is on the streets,” said James Calvin, president of NYACS.

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How Mongolian diplomat with Belarusian license plates tried carry contraband cigarettes through “Luzhanka” to Austria (+ VIDEO)


At the checkpoint “Luzhanka” on the Ukrainian-Hungarian border, officers of the State Border Guard Service, the Security Service of Ukraine and the SFS detained a minibus full of cigarettes with excise stamps.


The vehicle was blocked. The police and the Security Service were called to the crossing point. During the inspection, it was found out that under the guise of a diplomatic pouch the citizen of Mongolia was trying to move a large batch of cigarettes.  During the interrogation, the citizen of Mongolia said that he worked at the diplomatic mission in Austria.

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