Large-Scale Smuggling of E-Liquids from US to China Reported


Editor: Mu Xuequan

GUANGZHOU, Aug. 21 (Xinhua) — Customs in southern China recently seized 600 tonnes of smuggled electronic cigarette oil, with a total value of 300 million yuan (about 44 million U.S. dollars).

Over 320 police raided four groups who were suspected of smuggling the oil from the United States, according to Zhou Bin, head of Gongbei Customs Office, which administers Zhuhai and Zhongshan cities in Guangdong Province.

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Minister of Justice Defends Police Depoliticization in Brazil

From: CRE Brazil

For Torquato Jardim, who participated in a seminar at Correio Braziliense on Tuesday (August 15), Military and Civil police career advancement should be based on merit.

On Tuesday, the Minister of Justice and Public Security, Torquato Jardim, defended the “depoliticization of the police.” According to him, a more effective police in the fight against crime will only be possible if the rise in the career is by merit and not by state political agreements.

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Illicit Whites: Not Just Untaxed But Also Highly Flammable

From: Times Live/Youtube

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Illicit tobacco vendors make “a mockery of people who are abiding by the law by selling tobacco legitimately.”

From: The Northern Echo

‘Not a victimless crime’ – judge condemns illegal tobacco trade as Teesside man is jailed

Stuart Arnold

Judge Briggs rounded on those evading duty through the smuggling and sale of illegal tobacco and cigarettes.

He said: β€œIt is far from a victimless crime as some might say in their defence.

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Training Seminar for Active Duty Law Enforcement: Intellectual Property Crimes & The Illicit Underground

From: California Narcotics Officers’ Association

Chino Hills, CA – Chino Hills Community Center
September 12, 2017
Region V

This event is being hosted by The California Narcotics Officers Association Region 5, Investigative Consultants and numerous other brand owners.

This event is open to active law enforcement officers/officials only and is FREE OF CHARGE. This is a POST approved training class. You will be required to show identification prior to entering.

We will be instructing the attendees on the methods of identifying counterfeit goods. There will be a great cross section of goods discussed, including pharmaceuticals, tobacco, music, video games, electronics, perfumes, luxury goods, household goods, golf clubs, software and much more!

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