The Internet Is a Tobacco Product

Editor’s Note: See, Is the Internet a Tobacco Product?

From: VapingPost

FDA endorses new smartphone app to help people quit smoking
A newly FDA approved no-smoking program is adopting a digital approach, and will be helping smokers quit the deadly habit via a smartphone app.

The start-up called Carrot, is launching its smoking cessation program called Pivot, which “combines innovative mobile-sensor technology with the best evidence-based clinical strategies, and delivers them via a simple, accessible smartphone app.“

The program will also include an FDA approved at-home sensor system which pairs up with smartphones via Bluetooth to track carbon monoxide levels, and a virtual coaching program to promote behavior change. The company’s President and CEO, David S. Utley M.D., said that their goal was to deliver the first “scalable, evidence-based smoking cessation program that can be delivered via a smartphone.”

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