What The New York Times Gets Wrong On Vaping Regulation

From: Forbes

Sally Satel

Yesterday, the New York Times published an editorial titled “Big Tobacco Attacks Sensible F.D.A. Vaping Rules.”


By conflating products with their makers, the editorialists miss a crucial point about public health: that smokers are best served when safer alternatives to cigarettes are developed and available without needless delay.

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Federalism in Action: Hartland, WI hearing will question FDA’s e-cigarette rules

From: Lake County Now

VILLAGE OF HARTLAND – Village officials are taking their first steps in combating the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s new regulations on e-cigarettes, which they see as federal overreach.

Beginning Thursday, April 27, the village will host three days of hearings in the village board room to gather information about FDA regulations enacted in August that, among other things, require a costly approval process for every tobacco product introduced after February 2007, including e-cigarettes and the liquid for e-cigarettes.

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CDC: E-cigarettes more popular than FDA-approved quitting aids

From: R Street


Cigarette smokers prefer e-cigarettes to the Food and Drug Administration’s approved quit methods, according to a research brief authored by RTI International, the University of North Carolina and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Office on Smoking and Health.

Using a nationally representative online survey of 15,943 adult smokers who tried to quit during the past three months, they found that 75 percent used one or more methods to quit, and 25 percent used only one method, as shown below.

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U.S. Navy announces e-cigarette ban on ships

From: WAVY.com

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CEI E-Cigarette Lawsuit Takes on Activist Agencies

From: Competitive Enterprise Institute

Michelle Minton

The battle over electronic cigarettes heats up even more this week as the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s general counsel Sam Kazman argued in court today against a federal regulation banning use of electronic cigarettes on planes. The lawsuit, filed by CEI and the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA), says the Department of Transportation overstepped its authority when it decided to prohibit vaping on all airplanes. People may think health concerns must have spurred the regulator crackdown, but that is contrary to all the scientific evidence showing that vaping is relatively safe in the short term and certainly less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes.

Why Fewer Canadians Are Using Tobacco

From: The Huffington Post

, Journalist and NGO Director

Despite the millions in proposed new spending for getting Canadians unhooked off tobacco, fewer Canadians are lighting up.


What changed? For one, e-cigarettes and the heat-not-burn technology of vaping is giving smokers a healthier alternative. And that’s an initiative of the marketplace, not government.

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