Mounting Regulations Put a Chokehold on Tobacco

From: CSP Magazine

For retailers trying to navigate the changing tides of governmental rules, the only certainty is tumult.

By Angel Abcede, Senior Editor/Tobacco, CSP

MINNEAPOLIS — While the totality of new regulation—everything from minimum-wage increases to plastic-bag fees—may be slowly strangling the livelihoods of convenience retailers, the category taking the greatest hit could arguably be tobacco.

From increases in the legal age to purchase tobacco products to restrictions on where people can legally smoke, regulation is making the business of nicotine inhospitable, if not downright intolerable. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) added even more intrigue at press time, with talk of new standards for nicotine levels and offering a potential lifeline to electronic cigarettes.

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb on new approach to tobacco regulation

From: The Washington Post

Scott Gottlieb, Commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, discusses the FDA’s new initiative to lower nicotine levels in cigarettes.

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We Card Focuses on Frontline Employees

From: NACS

Governors in 30 states have issued proclamations in support of We Card Awareness Month.

ARLINGTON, VA—Training cashiers or hanging a “We Card” sign in the window isn’t the only thing retailers need to do to truly prevent tobacco or other age-restricted product sales to minors.


Helping retailers successfully prevent e-vapor sales to minors is also a principal focus for We Card.  In addition to state law requirements that require retailers to deny sales of those products to minors, in 2016, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) started its regulation of e-cigarette and vaping products. In 2017, FDA has conducted nearly 100,000 store inspections using minors to check if retailers are asking for ID and denying minors’ attempts to purchase tobacco and e-vapor products.


From: The Heartland Institute

By Gregory Conley

Comment by The American Vaping Association on IQOS Modified Risk Tobacco Product Application

September 1, 2017

Scott Gottlieb, M.D.
Commissioner Division of Dockets Management (HFA-305)
Food and Drug Administration
5630 Fishers Lane, Room 1061
Rockville, MD 20852

Re: Docket No. FDA-2017-D-3001-0002, Modified Risk Tobacco Product Applications: Applications for iQOS System With Marlboro Heatsticks, iQOS System With Marlboro Smooth Menthol Heatsticks, and iQOS System With Marlboro Fresh Menthol Heatsticks Submitted by Philip Morris Products S.A.; Availability

Dear Dr. Gottlieb,