E-Cigarette maker challenges EU directive as debate over regulation intensifies

From: Retail Gazette

Charlie Mitchell

E-cigarette brand Totally Wicked has announced today it is to launch a legal challenge against the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive. Alongside the UK’s MHRA, the Directive has announced its plan to regulate e-cigarettes in the UK as a ‘medicine by function’ from 2016. Electronic cigarettes are currently regulated only by general product safety regulations.

After 100 scientists and experts petitioned the WHO for greater regulation of the industry, a recent report by the Journal of Addiction has argued that regulation would “damaged health on a big scale”, according to the paper’s author Peter Hajek. This news will only fuel the “ferocious” debate taking place over the future of the electronic cigarette market.

The Nanny State May Crush the E-Cigarette Industry — Knowingly

From: National Review


My AEI colleagues Sally Satel and Alan D. Viard have a sobering op-ed discussing the FDA’s proposed regulation of the e-cigarette industry.

On balance, e-cigarettes are so much safer [than traditional cigarettes] that doctors should advise smokers who are unwilling to stop using nicotine to take up “vaping,” as e-cigarette use is called. Smokers who have tried and failed to quite using nicotine gum, patches, medications such as varenicline, or behavioral techniques should also be encouraged to switch to e-cigarettes.

UNC Study: NC Doctors Suggest E-Cigarettes to Quitting Smokers

From: chapelboro

By Wilson Borntrager

UNC physicians have published a survey stating that more research must be done about the practice that physicians have taken of recommending electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, as a means of quitting smoking for patients.

The Associate Director for Tobacco Prevention and Evaluation Program at UNC and leading author on the study, Dr. Leah Ranney, gave a brief summary about the study.

“We did a study of North Carolina providers, and we asked physicians about their attitudes towards e-cigarettes,” she says.

Surprise! E-Cigs Do More Good than Harm

From: Real Clear Science

Posted by Alex B. Berezow 

Some things in life are so indisputably true that it is a surprise that anyone disagrees. The safety and efficacy of vaccines, the benefits of GMOs, and the inability of Nicolas Cage to convincingly perform a single role all would be at the top of Captain Obvious’s list. Now, the list has a new entry: Electronic cigarettes produce far more good than harm.