FDA set to wage war on stogies

From: NewsOK.com

Jennifer Graham, Deseret News

Where there’s smoke, there’s cancer, even if it isn’t inhaled.

That’s the position of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which is preparing to crack down on cigars because of their health risks, even as a new law makes it easier for Americans to obtain Cuban cigars.

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Second e-cig study finds raising age limit may have backfire effect

From: Winston-Salem Journal

By Richard Craver Winston-Salem Journal

A second Ivy League study has found a connection between higher age requirements for purchasing electronic cigarettes and increased use of traditional cigarettes by youths.

Researchers with Weill Cornell Medicine, in a study published this month in Preventive Medicine, said lawmakers “should be cautious” in establishing the same legal purchasing age for electronic devices as for traditional cigarettes, which is age 18 in most states.

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DC Vape Group Vows To Fight FDA Regs And ‘Junk Science’ On E-Cigarettes

From: Daily Caller

Guy Bentley, Reporter

A new vape industry group is promising to fight tooth and nail against “junk science,” severe regulations and widespread misinformation about e-cigarettes.

The Washington, D.C.-based Vapor Technology Association (VTA) represents manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, distributors, suppliers and retailers and boasts 70 members since being launched Jan. 27.

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Can Innovation Halt the Doom and Gloom of E-Cig Sales?

From: CSPnet.com

By Melissa Vonder Haar, Tobacco Editor, CSP


Regulatory Uncertainty

But retailers are not necessarily embracing every new product with open arms. And for good reason. “The c-store channel has had its fair share of challenges,” Wiesehan says.

One major challenge is regulatory uncertainty. What good is an exciting and innovative new product if it’s doomed to be pulled off the shelves once FDA regulations go into effect? (The final regulations had not been announced at the time this article was written.)

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Meet the Vape Company That Drove to Washington to Ask the FDA About Regulations Face-to-Face

From: ChurnMag.com

by Jimmy Hafrey

In the heart of North Carolina, there is a growing company that is setting the vape industry on fire. Smoke Crossroads put down roots in Greensboro a little over two and a half years ago and since then, their passion for vaping has impacted thousands of former smokers and helped them cross over to a tobacco-free way of life. Owners Allen and David are passionate about what they do and they aren’t shy about the fact that they believe vaping is the best option for smokers who can’t otherwise kick the habit. We had the chance to get to know the team at Smoke Crossroads recently and we were so impressed with their mission that we thought our readers deserved to hear about this crazy cool operation.