FDA Deeming Regs Discussed at NACS

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Electronic nicotine delivery systems face hazy future because of stricter a regulatory policy.

By CSD Staff

Because of the deeming rule published by the U.S Food and Drug Admiration earlier this year, more tobacco products now fall under the same scrutiny as cigarettes. Today, cigars, pipe tobacco, other tobacco products including vape items and e-cigarettes face stricter regulations, however, the popular and fledging vapor industry faces a threat of being snuffed out.

FDA Misses Deadline for E-Cig Regulations

From: Klein Moynihan Turco, LLP

Following up on our post from last Thursday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced that it will not meet its midnight deadline to submit proposed tobacco regulations.  The FDA will also miss deadlines to publish a consumer-friendly list of dangerous chemicals found in electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes or e-cigs) and testing / reporting requirements for tobacco ingredients and additives.  Unfortunately, the FDA is not required to abide by the deadlines that it sets for itself, nor is it assessed any penalty for missing such deadlines.

Deeming regulations make card payments difficult for online sellers

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U.S. businesses selling e-cigarettes and other vaping products online can expect to be hard hit by new rules governing the processing of credit card payments.

Many small businesses could face a difficult and potentially costly tangle of red tape – or even the loss of their existing credit card arrangement.

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New FDA rules for e-cigarettes could hurt small businesses

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Small business owners and employees of vape shops in Central Jersey are concerned about the fate of their stores under new federal rules

SOMERVILLE – Ryan Bunting spells his name in the NATO phonetic alphabet as if he were still reporting to an officer of higher command.

That’s because he spent eight years in the Marines and was deployed to Iraq in 2008.

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