Germany to prohibit menthol, many other e-liquid flavours

Editor’s Note: The e-cigarette a black market is developing and expanding. How many vapers will be victimized by counterfeit products?

From: ECigIntelligence

Written by Barnaby Page

Germany is to ban menthol e-liquid as well as many other flavours when it transposes the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive (TPD).

A lengthy, although still only provisional, list of restricted ingredients includes additives that facilitate the inhalation or uptake of nicotine, such as the minty-tasting flavouring which has long been the subject of controversy in regulation of tobacco cigarettes.

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City business owner sentenced for selling fake E-cigarettes [Buffalo, NY]

From: Batavia News



Scaccia owned A Plus Vapes & Deals at 327 Ellicott St. Federal agents raided the business in April 2015 and seized about 90 counterfeit vaporizers.

U.S. Assistant Attorney Scott Allen Jr. said Scaccia told investigators that he obtained the vaporizers from his brother in California and through a Chinese website called

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White House Finalizing Strict E-Cig ‘Deeming’ Rules

From: Heartland


The White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is currently reviewing new federal regulations requiring all e-cigarette products sold after February 15, 2007, to apply for federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval, regardless of whether they are new products or previously created.

The proposed FDA “deeming rule” would also extend the agency’s tobacco regulatory authority to consumer products without tobacco, such as e-cigarettes.

Prohibition, Not Regulation

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Tracking the E-cigarette Trade

From: GAO WatchBlog


Up to 90% of electronic cigarette devices in the multi-billion-dollar U.S. e-cigarette market are imported, according to expert estimates.

But until recently, the federal government couldn’t determine the volume of e-cigarette imports because they were lumped together for tracking purposes with things like glow sticks and hand-held calorie counters. Starting January 1, 2016, there are new tracking codes for imported e-cigarettes. What does this mean? Today’s WatchBlog explores.

Decoding imports

Ontario delays vaping regulations, rest of the country braces

From: The Province

Regulator Watch: Ontario delays vaping regulations, rest of the country braces

The hammer fell hard on vapers in 2015 as provincial governments across Canada began passing tough new laws intended to strictly regulate the use and sale of vapour products.

Glimmers of hope emerged in the final weeks of the year. The Ontario provincial government announced it would delay key aspects of its new regulatory regime and British Prime Minister David Cameron acknowledged the health benefits of vaping. Yet still, it’s hard to overstate the challenges facing vapers as the calendar turns to 2016.