FDA chief: Menthol, tobacco flavors could do ‘both harm and good’

Via: American Pharmacists Association

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, MD, said Thursday that the use of flavors in different tobacco products could potentially do “both harm and good.” FDA will examine both possibilities as it considers prohibiting flavors such as menthol in cigarettes and e-cigarettes, he said.

FDA: Ban on free tobacco samples includes e-cigs

From: The Hill

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finalized guidance Wednesday to make clear that it’s ban on free samples of tobacco products includes electronic cigarettes.

The FDA said in the 10-page guidance document that its ban on free samples of tobacco products applies to any tobacco product that is subject to FDA regulation, including components and parts of tobacco products like “e-liquids” and the refillable cartridges for electronic cigarettes.

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The Internet Is a Tobacco Product

Editor’s Note: See, Is the Internet a Tobacco Product?

From: VapingPost

FDA endorses new smartphone app to help people quit smoking
A newly FDA approved no-smoking program is adopting a digital approach, and will be helping smokers quit the deadly habit via a smartphone app.

The start-up called Carrot, is launching its smoking cessation program called Pivot, which “combines innovative mobile-sensor technology with the best evidence-based clinical strategies, and delivers them via a simple, accessible smartphone app.“

What a ban on e-cigarette flavors could mean for smokers

From: MarketWatch

There are 7,000 flavors available for e-cigarettes, but all but one are banned for traditional cigarettes

By Alessandra Malito

E-cigarettes come in more than 7,000 flavors. By comparison, traditional cigarettes only come in one of those — menthol. What would happen if regulators were to ban flavors in e-cigarettes?

• If the Food and Drug Administration banned the flavors in e-cigarettes but allowed them in traditional, or combustible, cigarettes, e-cigarette use would decline by more than 10%

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