FDA Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Shadow Panel

A group of scientists have formed a shadow panel of TPSAC; their website is at this address http://www.fdashadowpanel.com/Recommendations.html

CRE believes their work will have the greatest impact if they communicate with game changers on a continuous basis.  Consequently we welcome their posting their views on any of the three discussion forums provided herein as well as continuing to post comments on posts on the home page.

To this end we encourage members of the Shadow Panel to post their views on the CRE posts made during the July 15 and 16 TPSAC meeting; the posts will be on the homepage.

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  1. Anonymous

    The problem with the Shadow Panel is its lack of knowledge of tobacco and tobacco smoke chemistry and toxicology. The voting members of TPSAC lack such knowledge. The Shadow Panel needs to provide such knowledge on an independent basis, not tied with the tobacco industry as are the nonvoting members.

  2. analog

    I think the Shadow Panel is kind of interesting – the TPSAC panel has been plagued by a lot of questions and politics, and it’s interesting to see a fresh perspective.

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