Consensus of Comments To Date In Studies and Concepts Forum

We recommend that our readers review comments made on the articles posted on the Studies and Concepts Under Review Discussion Forum. There appears to be a growing concensus, based upon comments received to date , that, as one person making a comment stated, :

There actually is a lot of data proving that menthol cigarettes are JUST LIKE OTHER cigarettes, but with menthol flavoring, the same menthol flavoring that is used in Listerine or medicine. Unfortunately, this data is often overlooked because people have already made up their minds. Regardless of whether you are a smoker or not, you should still consider this science if you think its important for the FDA to maintain is objective credibility and integrity.”

We recommend that our readers express their views by posting on the comments section of any post in the Studies and Concepts Discussion Forum.

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    Thank you for your interest. Recently a component of the site has moved to the Google first page when the term “TPSAC” is entered .

    The homepage does not come up, but the TPSAC News LInk to the right is displayed on the first page of Google; the said page has a link to the homepage of this site.

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