Staten Island Poll results: Voters say no to FDA regulations on e-cigarettes


By Tracey Porpora

TATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — An informal poll revealed that Staten Islanders are overwhelmingly against FDA regulations on e-cigarettes.

Of 377 voters, 292, or 77.45 percent, believe e-cigs are a healthier alternative than conventional cigarettes and in a different class of nicotine products. Eighty-five voters, or 22.55 percent, were in favor of FDA regulations because they believe electronic cigarettes can lead to nicotine addiction.

For a borough that already has the highest number of smokers in New York  City — an estimated 58,000, which amounts to 16.5 percent of the  borough’s adult population — Staten Island is now home to armies of e-cig users.

E-cigarettes are battery-powered, tobacco-free devices that create an odorless, flavored vapor mist. The devices come with various levels of nicotine — similar to the nicotine patches — and some brands offer cartridges ranging from 24 milligrams to zero.

While the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) admits that further research is needed to assess the potential public health benefits and risks of electronic cigarettes, more regulation of their use is likely in the pipeline.

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