E-cig retailers stand up to Health Canada

From: Ottawa Sun


The latest round of threatening letters has been mailed out by Health Canada but electronic cigarette vendors aren’t budging.

With the border essentially closed to importing nicotine “e-juice” — Canadian Border Services seized nearly 17,000 Kg of tobacco substitutes, including those destined for e-cigarettes, last year alone — homegrown business is booming.

And despite the threat from federal agencies — with little in the way of enforcement thus far — e-cigarette retailers continue to pop up across the country, either online or in brick-and-mortar storefronts.

One of the most successful chains in the country, e-Steam Canada, sprouted out of a single location in the Gloucester Centre a little more than two years ago, and now the company has expanded to 14 locations across Ontario, with no signs of slowing down  — or bowing down.

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