Where is the Beef?

 FDA has released the transcript of the July 21 TPSAC meeting. CRE has reproduced the Tozzi presentation, attached hereto,  and the Hennigfield criticism:


“The fact that the FDA and TPSAC continually, for whatever reason, refuse not to address the adverse impacts of counterfeit tobacco I think puts a cloud over this proceeding because, as in a point that I will make, there are a lot of proceedings around the world that address this particular issue.”

“Initially we were going to look solely at contraband but as we got into the record we saw very clearly that in our mind a huge and very important issue is the one associated with the health effects of these cigarettes”


“The statement that TPSAC has ignored the countervailing health effects of menthol ban is just frankly incredible.

“My conclusion is that to create these alarming conclusions, you frankly have to misrepresent some of the facts”


The Tozzi statement is very simple, TPSAC did not address the adverse health effects resulting from smoking counterfeit cigarettes.

Dr. Henningfield’s statement is an integral part of the TPSAC proceeding on menthol. Accordingly  FDA must address the issue as to whether TPSAC examined the adverse health effects of counterfeit tobacco in its upcoming report.

CRE continues to examine the TPSAC report and we have found not one bit of information dealing with the adverse health effects of smoking counterfeit cigarettes.

If anyone has any information to the contrary please post it in the space provided below.

Tozzi TPSAC July 21

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  1. Not Einstein

    Really? Isn’t the fact that TPSAC acknowledged a “black market” and did not recommend a ban per se sufficient ??
    Please educate me?

  2. CRE

    TPSAC did recognize a black market; TPSAC did not recommend a ban per se.

    One could connect the dots and come up with the conclusion you have reached. On the other hand you could take TPSAC at its word when it states it is a scientific organization and that it makes risk assessment determinations not risk management determinations. In this instance one would come up with a different answer.

    Notwithstanding the above, the FDA is about to make a determination and no one in the US government has made a statement similar to that of foreign governments around the world–namely that counterfeit cigarette use is increasing and it has adverse impacts orders of magnitude greater than legal cigarettes.

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