The Salaries of Government Contractors are Dwarfing Those of the Senior Executive Service

Scholars have written repeatedly about the contracting out of critical government programs to the private sector. One of the reasons for the huge drain of the most prized talent is salaries. The top pay of  a government contractor is 349,00. The top salary for a member of the Senior Executive Service (SES) is 199,000.

CRE is of the opinion that the compensation of the most senior executives of the contracting community is considerably higher than $349,000 because of the result of partnership status. In any event kudos are due to those championing transparency in contractor salaries, in particular the OMB employees in charge of this matter.

The public must understand that government contractors are not subject to the same ethics laws and oversight as are federal employees and even more importantly they do no reside in the government and foster the transfer of the key institutional memory of an agency from one generation to another.

CRE cannot address this issue alone; we need advice and information from others; please provide it in the comment section below; comments may be made anonymously.

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