The Sunlight Foundation on the Need for Nonpartisanship

No one has followed the law’s history more closely than Tozzi and his organization, and he says he’s seen a dramatic increase in inquiries from nonprofit advocacy groups in recent years, to whom he gladly offers his advice. Tozzi may have made his business as an advocate for industry but he will cross ideological divides, like when he teamed up with progressive advocates a few years ago to push for medical marijuana nationwide. Asking himself, rhetorically, why NGOs would come to him, he says it’s because “I work with the right, and party with the left,” adding, “I used to be a jazz musician.”

CRE Statements on Income Distribution in Rulemaking

A Request to the Society for Benefit Cost Analysis to Restore an Informative Link on the OIRA Review Process

Where Has The Economic Profession Been For The Past Fifty Years On Measuring Income Distribution In Rulemaking?

Request to the Council of Economic Advisers Rouse

Social Welfare Functions

A Discussion Held at the Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis (Video)

June 26, 2014  Reuters   Allow the Wonks to Have a Say on OMB Review of Regulations

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