Consumer watchdog agency collecting financial data on millions of Americans

From:  The Washington Post/Federal Eye

By Josh Hicks

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau collects sensitive financial data on tens millions of Americans, and it needs to do more to protect the information, according to federal auditors.

The Government Accountability Office said in a report this week that the bureau gathered information on 75 million credit-card accounts, 10.7 million credit reports, 5.5 million student loans and a range of other financial products over the past two years.

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U.S. Consumer-Finance Regulator Plans Auto-Lending Examinations

From: The Wall Street Journal

About 40 Lenders Expected to Be Supervised By CFPB

By Alan Zibel and Christina Rogers

WASHINGTON—The U.S. consumer-finance regulator is preparing to launch in-depth reviews of about 40 large auto lenders to determine whether the firms are following federal consumer-protection laws, according to people familiar with the matter.

Rumor mill or deterrent? Debate rages over consumer database

From: The Hill

By Megan R. Wilson

The financial industry and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are on a collision course over proposed changes to a database that would allow consumers to air their grievances in public against banks, credit card and other companies.

The Financial Services Roundtable, which represents some of the largest banks in the world, has been vocal in its opposition to an expansion of the complaint system.

 In an email to members obtained by The Hill, the Roundtable said it might consider a legal offensive to stop regulators from moving forward.

Washington Times picks up on discrimination, retaliation allegations at CFPB

From: HousingWire

Media recounts allegations from Congressional, GAO investigations

Trey Garrison

he mainstream nonfinancial press is picking up on an underreported story that HousingWire has been covering since March.

The Washington Times on Wednesday published a well-reported, well-written, detailed account of the allegations of racial discrimination, retaliation, mismanagement and hostility at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Here’s a taste:

America’s newest federal agency, charged with regulating financial institutions to prevent another hostile economic downturn, is having troubles regulating hostilities and discrimination among its own employees.