Banks Fight Revised U.S. Plan to Monitor Checking Overdraft Fees

From: Bloomberg Personal Finance

By Carter Dougherty

U.S. banks are seeking to shield from scrutiny the $30 billion they collect annually in checking-account fees, saying a proposed requirement for periodic reports is unacceptable even if it exempts small institutions.

The dispute is the latest installment in a multi-year fight between the industry and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau over how to monitor the way banks assess charges on their depositors, particularly when people overdraw checking accounts.

World’s top financial regulator joins global FX probe

From: Reuters

Foreign exchange benchmarks will be reviewed by the world’s top financial regulator, the latest front to be opened in a global probe into allegations of price manipulation in the world’s largest financial market.

The Financial Stability Board (FSB), which coordinates regulation for the Group of 20 (G20) leading economies and is chaired by Bank of England governor Mark Carney, said on Friday it would open its own investigation.

It is the latest step in an investigation into allegations that a handful of senior traders exchanged market-sensitive information and colluded to manipulate benchmark currency rates.

The Liability of Software Manufacturers for Defective Products

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by Liis Vihul, Researcher, NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence