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CRE Watch List

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  • December 2009-

  • EPA Claims Greenhouse Gas Endangerment Findings Meet Information Quality Act Guidelines

    The Obama Administration's Open Government Directive

    Updated Agency Regulatory Agendas Available

  • November 2009-

  • Park Service Intends to Publish New Rules for Oil and Gas Development in National Parks

    DOE Proposing Energy Conservation Rules for Small Motors

    Reducing Payment Card Transaction Costs

    CRE Testifies on Marine Spatial Planning to NOAA's Science Advisory Board

    Nanotech Meetings Scheduled for November

  • October 2009-

  • OMB Seeks Public Comment on How to Improve Implementation of the PRA

    Senators Criticize EPA Administrator For Not Nominating An Inspector General

    CRE Requests Transparent EPA Action on EDSP

    EPA Extends Comment Periods for PM NAAQS Documents

  • September 2009-

  • Government Announces Nano Meetings

    EPA to Hold 4-day SAP on Nanosilver and other Nanometal Pesticides

    EPA Proposes Dioxin TEFs for Comment

    OCS Seeks Information on What Happens when Marine Mammals Eat or Become Entangled in Ocean Trash

  • August 2009-

  • EPA Wants Comment on Supplement to EPA's Carbon Sequestration Proposal

    EPA Extends Comment Period for Probabilistic Risk Assessment Guidance

    CDC Advisory Committee Meets on Swine Flu and Other Matters

    EPA Solicits Comment on Draft PM Assessment

    EPA Releases Draft Nanomaterial Case Study for Pre-dissemination Peer Review under Information Quality Guidelines

  • July 2009-

  • OMB Propose New Policy on Government Website Privacy

    EPA Extends Comment Period on Controversial Pesticides ESA Consent Decree and Injunction

    NOAA and NSF Solicit Funding Proposals for an Ecosystem Approach to Ocean and Coastal Regulation

    Federal Agencies Act on Consumer Information Furnished to Reporting Agencies

  • June 2009-

  • Commerce Holds Industry Outreach Meeting on UN Climate Change Agreement

    EPA Issues ANPR for Nonylphenol Testing and Seeks Data on Industrial Laundry Worker Exposure to NPEs

    NMFS Imposes Strict IQA Pre-Dissemination Review on ESA Biological Opinions

    FDIC Publishes Final Troubled Institution Rules

    Announcing the 24/7 Regulatory Process

  • May 2009-

  • Feds Launch Data.Gov and Guarantee Its Compliance with Information Quality Act

    FED Proposes to Amend Open-End Credit Rules and 2009 FTC Act Rule

    FWS Thinks Climate Change May Endanger the American Pika

    Interior and Commerece Withdraw ESA Section 7 Consultation Rules

  • April 2009-

  • President and Interior Announce Offshore Renewable Energy Plan

    Corps Takes Comments and Holds Public Meetings on Missouri River Ecosystem Restoration Plan

    Presidential Executive Order Takes Steps Toward Health Care Reform

    EPA Publishes Final Models Guidance Document

  • March 2009-

  • ABA Supports Centralized Regulatory Review

    EPA Proposes Additional Delay for NSR Aggregation Rule

    Public Meeting on HPV2

    CRE and Others Provide Recommendations on Possible Revisions to OMB Regulatory Review

    OMB Requests Public Comment on Regulatory Review

  • February 2009-

  • Board of Scientific Counselors to Vote on NCEH/ATSDR Peer Review and Clearance Policies

    GAO Recommends that Treasury Improve TARP Transparency and Accountability

    Forest Service Withdraws Proposed Rules Because They Weren't Reviewed by New Administration

    EPA Extends Effective Date of New SPCC Rules and Seeks Additional Public Comment on Them

  • January 2009-

  • EPA Publishes Integrated Modeling Guidance

    EPA Holds Public Workshop on NAS Dioxin Report