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CRE Watch List 2006

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  • December 2006-

  • Let Us Now Praise EPA QA Reports

    The Data Quality Petition Process is Broken: The Need for Judicial Review

    NMFS Publishes Proposed List of Fisheries for 2007

  • November 2006-

    U.S. Copyright Office Publishes New Exemptions

    NMFS and MMS Notice PEIS for Alaskan Seismic Operations

    USDA Biotech Committee Meets In December

    EPA Developing Nano Stewardship Program

  • October 2006-

    An Open Letter to the AMA Chair-Elect

    JAMA: Poster Child for OMB Peer Review Guidelines

    OMB Seeks Comment on Implementation of Title V of E-Government Act

    Report Questions Whether FDA Equipped To Regulate Nano

    CRE To Comment At FDA Nano Meeting

  • September 2006-

    GAO Criticizes OMB FOR Not Enforcing Information Quality Act

    WHO Recommends Indoor DDT Use To Stop Malaria

    GAO Reports To Congress On Endangered Species Act Amendments

  • August 2006-

    Nanotechnology and the Data Quality Act

    CRE Commends EPA For Its Quality Control Efforts On The Echo Data Base

    Bycatch Defenders Oppose The Data Quality Act

  • July 2006-

    NHTSA's Commitment to DQA Leadership

    You Get What You Pay For

    GAO Reports On EPA Risk Assessment Process

    ABA Birthday Party For OIRA

  • June 2006-

    EPA’S Failure To Implement Mandated Superfund Provision Could Cost Taxpayers Billions

    Scientific American Publishes DQA Article

    EPA Announces Peer Review Handbook

  • May 2006-

    Agencies Must Certify Compliance With IQA Guidelines

    Supreme Court To Review NSR Enforcement Decision

    GAO Criticizes CMS

    GAO Reviews Congressional Review Act Implementation

  • April 2006-

    HHS' Medical Marijuana Paradox

    Other Agencies Should Follow EPA Lead In IQA Training

    CRE Publishes White Paper On IWC Report

  • March 2006-

    EPA Announces Public Meeting On Nano Regulation

    CRE Asks Marine Mammal Commission To Publish DQA Guidelines

    Is HHS Afraid That DQA Is Judicially Reviewable Despite Salt Decision?

    CDC Seeks Comment on Human Health Effects Information Collection Request

  • February 2006-

    EPA Seeks Comment On Draft Greenhouse Gas Inventory

    EPA Extends Comment Period on Nano White Paper

    EPA Publishes Human Testing Rule

  • January 2006-

    CRE Commends NOAA/NMFS on DQA Implementation

    Think Tanks Disagree about Nano Regs

    CRE and Hayes Debate Frog Tests

    Bringing the FTC In Compliance With the Data Quality Act