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CRE Watch List 2008

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  • December 2008-

  • EPA and Corps of Engineers Redefine Discharge of Dredged Material

    CRE Letter to GAO Inspector General

    EEPA Tries to Clear Confusion Caused by D.C. Circuit’s CAIR Rules Decision

    ATSDR Requests Nominations for CERCLA Toxicological Profiles

    EPA Proposes to Add Pharmaceuticals to RCRA Universal Waste List

  • November 2008-

  • EPA Seeks Comment on Nano Petition

    The First Midnight Regulation

    EPA Publishes Final RCRA Recycling Rule

    EPA Publishes TSCA Requirements for Carbon Nanotubes

  • October 2008-

  • 10 Percent Risk Weight Proposed for Freddie and Fannie Claims

    CRE Advises FDA of Information Quality Requirements for its Bisphenol A Peer Review

    EPA Decides Not to Promulgate Drinking Water Standards for Perchlorate

    EPA Extends Comment Periods for Draft NOX and SOX Documents

  • September 2008-

  • EPA Extends Comment Periods for Draft NOX and SOX Documents

    FHFA Issues Golden Parachute Rules for Freddy and Fanny

    NMFS and FWs Extend Comment Period for New ESA Rules

    FDA Seeks Comment on draft Clinical Trials Guidance Document

    FTC Will Hold Public Workshop on Section 5 Unfair Methods of Competition

  • August 2008-

  • NRC Calls on Other Agencies to Follow EPA's Lead in Public Participation in Environmental Decision Making

    EPA Seeks Comment on Its Models Guidance Document

    NOAA Seeks Public Comment on Arctic Climate Change Report

    MMS Seeks Comment on New Offshore Oil and Gas Leasing Program

  • July 2008-

  • OMB Disapproves FCC ICR

    Houston Files Data Quality Act Petition On EPA Air Data

    CRE Files Data Quality Act Petition on EPA’s Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program

    EPA Solicits Comment on Technical Guidance for Deriving Site-specific Bioaccumulation Factors

  • June 2008-

  • Court Decides Not to Order EPA to Regulate Greenhouse Gases from Cars

    SAB Reviews EPA’s White Paper on Aquatic Life Criteria for Endocrine Disruptors

    Ocean Research and Resources Advisory Panel Solicits Nominations for New Members

    OMB Proposes Guidance to Federal Agencies on How to Implement Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006

    Interagency Committee Certifies that Final Report on Climate Change Effects Meets IQA Guidelines

  • May 2008-

  • In Praise of Susan Dudley and OIRA

    New Research Discredits Hayes’ Atrazine Test Results

    ATSDR Announces Development of New and Updated Toxicological Profiles
    Agencies Publish Semiannual Regulatory Agendas

  • April 2008-

  • FDA Withdraws STARLINK Corn Testing Guidance

    EPA Seeks Comment on AEGL Exposure Levels

    Public Peer Review of EPA’s New NOx Risk Assessment

    NGOs File Port of Anchorage DQA Petition with Corps of Engineers

  • March 2008-

  • Treasury Secretary Announces Financial Regulatory Reform Plan

    EPA Releases its Analysis of Climate Change Legislation

    EPA Announces New Ozone Standard and a Framework for Clean Air Act Changes

    OMB Issues Final DQA Statistical Agencies Guidance

    SBA’s Top Ten Rules for Review and Reform

  • February 2008-

  • SBA Will Hold Press Conference to Announce Top 10 r3 Rules

    NIH-EPA Tox Test Agreement Constitutes Radical Change in Agencies’ Toxicity Testing

    EPA Schedules SAP and Extends Comment Period for EDSP

    NOAA Solicits Nominees for NOAA Science Advisory Board

  • January 2008-

  • EPA Announces Final Nanoscale Materials Stewardship Program

    NOAA Seeks Comment On SAB Report

    ICCVAM Announces Public Meetings

    EPA Supplements Ozone NAAQS Record