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CRE Watch List 2004

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December 2004-

OMB Issues Final Peer Review Guidance

EPA Likely to Extend Comment Period On Biotech TSCA Rulemaking

FDA Seeks Comment on Genetic Toxicology Guidance

November 2004-

U.S. District Court Rules HHS Data Quality Petition Denial is Not Judicially Reviewable

GAO Finds HHS Violated Law That HHS and Justice Claim Is Unconstitutional

Did DQA Petition Affect Proposed Critical Habitat Designation for Flycatcher?

Regulators Take Measures To Reduce Meth Abuse

October 2004-

Finally, a Good Use for the Data Quality Act

September 2004-

DQA Exemption Stripped from NOAA Bill

Australians Following Data Quality Act Controversy

OMB Instructs All Agencies to Post Data Quality Petitions

Tozzi Response To The Post Article On The Data Quality Act

August 2004-

The Data Quality Act Is Not All That New

US District Court Decision Allows DQA Petition Into Record

EPA Draft PM Document Soon Available

Congress Moves to Incorporate Data Quality into ESA

NGO Asks EPA to Repeal Data Quality Act

SEC Seeks Comment on Reg-Flex Act Review

July 2004-

EPA Finds "No Merit" in NTP Atrazine Review

CRE and Grower Groups File Data Quality Act Petition On NTP Atrazine Review

GAO Recommends That SEC and EPA Establish Formal Environmental Compliance Data Exchange Program

John Edwards: OIRA Regulatory Czar?

June 2004-

CRE AND Grower Groups File Data Quality Act Petition on NTP RoC Procedures

Proposed Sound Practices For Complex Structured Finance Activities

NTP Meeting on Cancer Report Procedures

A Data Quality Petition on the FCC's Subscriber Line Charge

A Critique Of The Bush Regulatory State

May 2004-

Agriculture Announces Advisory Committee Meeting On Biotech Food

EPA Announces New Public Participation Process For Pesticides Review

OMB Sends Information Quality Act Report to Congress

FDA Announces Availability of Imported Food Guidance

April 2004-

NTP TO Review Safety of Ritalin and Soy Formula

OMB Seeks Public Comment On Revised Peer Review Guidelines

Judge Made Rules On The Increase

EPA Makes Right Choice on Stormwater Runoff Regulations

March 2004-

CRE Announces Establishment Of An Interactive Science Policy Forum

Wisconsin Enacts State Data Quality Requirements

Anonymous Tip Leads to SEC Enforcement Action and $10 Million Penalty

U.S. Chamber Seeks Information on Government Consent Decrees

Snowmobiles Prohibited In Yellowstone National Park

February 2004-

Four-Day SAP On Ecological Risk Assessments

FDA Faces Anti-Counterfeiting Test

Congress Concerned About Agencies' Compliance With Data Quality Act

Commerce Recommends That OMB Help Boost Manufacturing

January 2004-

ICANN Subject to Data Quality Act

HHS' Opportunity to Crack Down on Drug Diversion: An Open Letter to Secretary Thompson

EPA's Annual Data Quality Act Report

Court Denies NRDC Atrazine Motion

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