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CRE Watch List 2005

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  • December 2005-

    Roger Ebert's Response to CRE's Syriana Review

    Syriana: Promoting the New Isolationism

    OMB Requests Comments on Draft Guidance Document Guidelines

    Data Quality Act Seminar

  • November 2005-

    Federal Court Holds That Climate Change Is Political Question

    DQA Petitioners Threaten Law Suit Over HHS Delay on Medical Marijuana Petition

    Feds Consider Quantum Computing Regulation

    Federal Agencies Publish Semi-annual Agendas

  • October 2005-

    Will The FTC Set A Precedent Accepting Discrimination?

    CRE Launches FACA Under Fire Website

    GAO Reviewing Governmentwide IQA Compliance

  • September 2005-

    The Federal Information Triangle: Sustaining Actions

    NGOs' Uses of the DQA

    Two Views on Data Amendments

    NHTSA Warns it Can't Use Public Comment That Doesn't Meet DQA Standards

  • August 2005-

    Electronic Reflexes and Regulations

    NTP Views Report on Carcinogens as Highly Influential Under OMB Peer Review Guidelines

    EPA Requests Comment on NOX Settlement

    Court Refuses to Stay Mercury Rules

    George Gray Choice for EPA R & D Position

  • July 2005-

    House Holds Hearings on Information Quality Act

    Court in Divided Opinion Upholds EPA'S Decision Not to Regulate C02

    Pombo Bill Applies DQA Standards to ESA Scientific Data Standard

  • June 2005-

    GAO: Need for Improved Compliance with Paperwork Reduction Act

    CRE Urges OMB to Support Judicial Review of Agency Data Quality Actions

    Supreme Court Affirms Broad Reach of Federal Regulation

    Environmental Groups File DQA Petitions

  • May 2005-

    Court Holds FCC Has to Perform Reg-Flex Act Analysis

    Most Courts Comply with E-Government Act

    Agencies Publish Semiannual Agendas

    SBA Environmental Roundtable Meeting

    Corps of Engineers: The Birthplace Of Benefit/Cost Analysis and Centralized Regulatory Review

  • April 2005-

    CEI Issues Report on Regulatory Reform

    Law Student Voices Disagreement With Professor

    Introducing The Interactive Public Docket (IPD): A Continuous Dialogue With Federal Regulators

    New EPA Cancer Guidelines Incorporate Data Quality Act

  • March 2005-

    County Commissioners Plan Data Quality Act Petition

    FWS Will Correct Faulty Documents in Response to Data Quality Appeal

    Making Agency Law Through Rulemaking, April 7th and 8th

    The Center for Progressive Regulation Report On the Data Quality Act

  • February 2005-

    Agency Circumvention of the Data Quality Act

    The Data Quality Act and Advisory Committees

    EPA Seeks Comment on Human Testing

    ABA Sponsors Seminar on OMB Peer Review Guidelines

  • January 2005-

    Government-Wide List of Data Quality Petitions

    Unfinished Business

    Congress Reviewing Agency Implementation Of The Data Quality Act

    Smokeless Tobacco, The Data Quality Act and NGO's

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