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CRE Watch List 2007

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  • December 2007-

  • OCC Comments on Internet Gambling Proposal

    Federal Agencies Publish Semi-Annual Agendas

    CERHR Requests Comment on Final Bisphenol A Expert Panel Report

  • November 2007-

  • EPA Announces Public Workshop on Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program

    White House Establishes Nano Policy

    EPA Extends Comment Period and Schedules Public Hearing on Petroleum Refining NESHAPS

    NHTSA Seeks Small Business Impact Comments on Existing Rules

  • October 2007-

  • NGOs Petition EPA To Review Air Fresheners Under TSCA

    EPA Extends Comment Period on Major Air Rules

    EPA Proposes Major Changes In SPCC Rules

    FWS Extends Comment Period for USGS Polar Bear Reports

    GAO Compares TSCA with REACH

  • September 2007-

  • OMB Strengthens Agency Risk Assessment Process

    FWS Forida Panther Website Acknowledges Impact of Data Quality Act Petition

    ACC Surveys Companies' Management of Nano Risks

  • August 2007-

  • FMI Comments on DOL Teenager Employment Rules

    GAO Reports on Agencies' Retrospective Rule Reviews

    EPA Holds Public Peer Review on Nano

    OMB Publishes List of Regulatory Policy Officers

  • July 2007-

  • Interagency Testing Committee Recommends that EPA Add Lead and Lead Compounds to TSCA Test List

    EPA Announces EDSP Peer Review Approach

    EPA Announces Public Meeting and Documents on New Nano Stewardship Program

    Success Story

    CRE Localism Testimony

  • June 2007-

  • NAS Publishes Its EPA Models Report

    OMB Issues E-Government Act Guidance

    CRE Distributes Proposed Risk Information Goals and Principles for Public Discussion

    NOAA Announces Public Meeting On Climate Change

  • May 2007-

  • Treasury and IRS Reviewing Nonprofit Hospital Tax Exemption

    EPA Applies DQA Pre-Dissemination Review to Report on Environment

    NOAA Seeks Comment on Climate Change Document

  • April 2007-

  • Agencies Publish Semi-Annual Agendas

    GAO Warns That Government Is Ignoring Climate Change Insurance Risks

    NTP Announces its New RoC Scientific Review Process

    USGS Partially Grants IQA Request for Correction

    Should NTP Review Nanotech Toxicity?

  • March 2007-

  • CEQ Seeks Comment On New NEPA Guidance

    EPA Re-Proposes Definition of Solid Waste

    Comments Due on OMBís Draft Cost Benefits Report to Congress

    EPA Publishes Final Nano White Paper

  • February 2007-

  • DOD Exemption of Credit Cards From the 36% Interest Cap

    Marijuana Relieves HIV-Related Pain

    The National Academiesí Report on Risk Assessment: Strong on Policy, Weak on Science

  • January 2007-

  • Conservation Measures Adopted at Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources Meeting

    OMB Issues Guidance on Agency Guidance Documents

    OMB Updates Cost Effectiveness Calculation Discount Rate

    FDA Seeks Comment On Animal Cloning Risk Assessment