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CRE Watch List

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  • December 2016

  • Agencies Publish Regulatory Agendas

    OMB Publishes FY 2014 and 2015 Agency Inventories Under the Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act

    FDA Extends Comment Period on Opioid Drug Products Meeting

  • November 2016

  • EPA Withdraws Compliance Date Extension for Oil and Gas Extraction Pretreatment Standards

    NOAA Seeks Comment on Revised NEPA Policy and Procedures

    FWS Publishes ROD for Revised Rules Governing non-Federal Oil and Gas Activities on National Wildlife Refuge System

    CMS Seeks Comment on Rules Changing Medicare Payment System

  • October 2016

  • OMB Seeks Comment on Information Technology Modernization Initiative

    Parks Service Seeks Comment on Resource Stewardship in the 21st Century

    OMB Seeks Comment on Amended Statistical Policy Directive

    Comment on OMB Circular

    FWS and NMFS Change Rules Governing Petitions to the Services

  • September 2016

  • U.S. Publishes CITES Negotiating Positions

    Comments Sought on Draft 2016 National Nanotechnology Initiative Strategic Plan

    NTP Reviewing Red Meat for Possible Listing as Carcinogen

    CMS Seeks Comment on Proposed Obama Care Rules

  • August 2016

  • OMB Publishes 2017 Sequestration Report

    FDA Seeks Comment on Draft Guidance for Vending Machine Calorie Labeling

    EPA Publishes Greenhouse Gas Endangerment Finding for Aircraft Gases

    CEQ Publishes Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Guidance for NEPA Reviews

    OMB Revises Circular A-130

  • July 2016

  • EPA Determines that Aircraft Emissions Contribute to Climate Change Endangering Public Health and the Environment

    Proposed Medicare and Medicaid Changes

    EPA Seeks Comment on Regional Haze Implementation Plan Guidance

    DoJ Establishes Office for Access to Justice

  • June 2016

  • EPA Seeks Comment on Preliminary 2016 Effluent Guidelines Program Plan

    Inspector General Criticizes Census Bureau Test

    Agencies Publish Regulatory Agendas

    CFTC: Public Staff Roundtable on Elements of Regulation Automated Trading

  • May 2016

  • BOEM Clarifies OCS Oil and Gas and Sulfur Leasing Regulations

    ACUS Meeting

    EPA Issues New Oil and Gas Air Rules

    EPA Denies Petitions for Reconsideration of Electric Utility Greenhouse Gas Emission Standards

    FDA Reschedules Public Hearings on Regulation of Human Cells, Tissues, and Cellular and Tissue-Based Products

  • April 2016

  • BOEM Seeks Comment on Offshore Air Rules

    Interior Seeks Comment on Draft Environmental Justice Strategic Plan

    BOEM Proposes Offshore Air Quality Control, Reporting, and Compliance Rules

    Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Programs Rules

  • March 2016

  • CDC Publishes New Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain

    BOEM Seeks Comments on 2017-2022 OCS Oil and Gas Leasing

    Comptroller Proposes Economic Growth and Regulatory Paperwork Reduction Act Rules

    Interior Revises FOIA Rules

  • February 2016

  • FDA Public Workshop on Evidentiary Standards Framework for Safety Biomarkers

    FTC Publishes Modified Regulatory Review Schedule

    President Issues Sequestration Order

    Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection Publishes Compliance Bulletin

    Revision of OMB Circular No. A-119

  • January 2016

  • EPA Announces 2014 Toxics Release Inventory Report

    OMB Publishes Pay-As-You-Go Report

    OMB Sends Sequestration Report to President and Congress

    Financial Agencies Promulgate New CRA Rules