Two Studies That TPSAC Should Review in Detail

Two Studies That TPSAC Should Review in Detail

In an effort to attempt to disgorge CRE conclusion that studies to date regarding the impact menthol has on smoking initiation/cessation proponents of a menthol ban are in a rush to publicize studies however meritorious.

Examples include the eleven reviews of the literature studies commissioned by the FDA, the midnight publication of a special edition of Addiction as well as the recent barrage of studies submitted to TPSAC and so posted as meeting materials for its January 10 and 11 meetings.

Remarkably absent from these data submission are two studies which concluded that menthol does not have an impact on initiation/cessation.

One such study is a result of in-depth cross-sectional analyses of nearly 20,000 smokers, performed by Muscat et al. which concluded:

— Cigarette mentholation was not associated with continued smoking


 — The findings suggest that menthol does not increase the addictive properties of tobacco nicotine.

The other study conducted by Hyland et al. concluded:

—  Despite the biologic mechanism that suggests that menthol may facilitate greater nicotine transfer to the smoker, these data indicate that mentholated cigarette smokers do not exhibit greater signs of nicotine dependence as measured by the likelihood of future cessation, time to first cigarette in the morning, or number of cigarettes smoked per day.

Both of the aforementioned studies are appended below.

In its forthcoming January 10 statement to TPSAC, CRE will identify the missing component   in the TPSAC review of menthol.


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