CRE Informs TPSAC of the Recent Statements of ATF on Contraband Tobacco

In its November 18 testimony  to TPSAC,   CRE stated that ATF had recently published the following  statements regarding contraband tobacco:

 “contraband cigarettes are more likely to be sold to underage persons than legitimate product.”

 “The trafficking in counterfeit and contraband tobacco products also poses a serious  health risk to our society. There are no standards of production in counterfeit product.  This allows for such things as biological or chemical contamination of the product.”

“The legislative history of the CCTA and ATF’s investigative efforts over the years have  established that organized crime has been involved in the diversion of legal tobacco  products into the illegal market. Moreover, several investigations by ATF and its law enforcement partners have established links to international terrorist groups, including  Hezbollah and al Qaeda.”

Cleary these statements on contraband tobacco  work directly against a menthol ban.  Given the fact that the “hard” science studies  on menthol demonstrate that  there are  no adverse toxicological effects from menthol use and since the “soft” science studies  regarding  initiation/cessation are not DQA compliant,  FDA is moving to  resurrect  the DQA  non-compliant  studies by coating them with a transparent veneer of  pseudo  science   aptly  applied  by  eleven “experts” under the  able tutelage of a  federal government contractor, the Research Triangle Institute Corporation.


Read the CRE testimony attached below.



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