Is A Review of Tobacco Industry Documents A Credible Source of Scientific Information?

NCI stated that a review of industry correspondence was very useful. Some TPSAC members disagreed with this assertion stating that there was no check on the credentials of the sources, Other TPSAC members stated that industry data is of limited utility when compared with information obtained from experts in the field.

 Editors Note:  CRE is not aware of any other FDA proceeding which allows the introduction of hearsay as a  credible source of scientific information.

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  1. Anonymous

    The quality of scientific documents in the ucsf legacy archives ranges from excellent to trash. You have to be an expert in tobacco science and have knowledge of the scientists doing the research to tell the difference. Unfortunately, the folks from UCSF did not have enough training to do the job. The FDA got taken to the cleaners. UCSF should not be paid until it trains its information specialists to do job correctly.

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