CRE Appreciates Its Readership

Each day, hundreds of  individuals  read this Interactive Public Docket on TPSAC.

Readers include, federal agencies, tobacco industry, press,  academics and public health organizations.   One measure of  the degree of readership a website has is its Google ranking.

For example, if you place the term ” tpsac aug 30″ into Google, the  CRE website is the first website displayed–even ahead of the FDA.

Please see

Therefore  you need not hire a law firm or a PR firm to affect government policies, simply comment on a user friendly Interactive Public  Docket.

See the folowing email to FDA’s head of external relations.


Mr. Bachorik:
As the Director of FDA;s Office of External Relations, we encourage you to advise FDA staff of our invitation to have them post on the CRE Interactive Public Docket on TPSAC.
We also to invite you to publicize the IPD to the many groups with whom you interact allowing them to participate in the formulation of Federal regulatory policy
Jim Tozzi
Center for Regulatory Effectiveness


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