Juul e-cigarettes get a bad rap for surge in teen use. But some adults say the fruity flavors help them quit smoking

From: CNBC

  • Quitting smoking is challenging, even though the risks are widely known.
  • Cigarette smoking kills about 480,000 Americans every year, making it the leading cause of preventable death.
  • Anecdotal evidence suggests Juul e-cigarettes are helping some long-time cigarette addicts quit smoking as the product was intended.

Larry McLaughlin bought his wife a Juul e-cigarette for Christmas as a stocking stuffer two years ago.

While she didn’t care for it, he did. And nearly two years later, the 62-year old construction worker still puffs on mango-flavored nicotine pods every day. It’s the first time in more than 40 years of smoking and at least a dozen attempts to quit that McLaughlin, who lives in suburban Chicago, has successfully stopped smoking tobacco.

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