Juul, other e-cigarette and vape pen makers may take hit in trade war with China

From: The Washington Times


Conceived as a way for addicted smokers to kick the habit, e-cigarettes and vape pens — particularly the sleek, USB-shaped Juul — have become increasingly popular with younger users across the country. Unlike earlier models, Juul markets itself as small, rechargeable, and easy to use — consumers change out flavored “pods” filled with a cigarette pack’s worth of nicotine to ease their cravings. From middle schoolers to adults, the Juul’s popularity does not discriminate, generating $224 million in sales in one year.

But like many favorite American consumer products, the Juul and other popular vaping mechanisms are not manufactured at home. They’re made in China. Which is why, if and when the Trump administration’s second round of 25 percent tariffs on Chinese imports takes effect, buyers may take a hit in the wallet if they want to keep taking a hit on their Juuls.

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