Israeli Health Ministry Will Not Tax IQOS Prior to FDA’s Regulatory Decision on the HNB Product

From: Vaping Post

PMI Raises Tobacco Prices in Israel
Philip Morris has raised the prices of cigarettes and loose tobacco in Israel “for commercial reasons”.

By Diane Caruana


The state of Israel collects NIS 6 billion annually in excise tax on cigarettes. This tax accounts for over 80% of the price of cigarettes, split in 65.5% excise tax and 17% VAT. This time last year, Israel’s Health Ministry had also released a statement pertaining to the possibility of taxing PMI’s Heat not Burn device, iQOS. The Health Ministry had pointed out that iQOS would not be subject to any tax or restrictions until the US FDA decides on how to regulate the product. Therefore, once the FDA takes a decision, Israel’s Health Ministry will decide accordingly.


This vote is not the final act in determining the fate of the iQOS MRTP application, and the FDA isn’t obliged to follow the panel’s recommendations. The agency can be expected to take a formal and final decision in the coming months.

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