Institute for Pharmacological Research  Milan Italy on Heat Not Burn Tobacco Products

CRE Brazil, an NGO which routinely reports on tobacco related issues, indicates that there is considerable interest in  a study conducted by the Institute for Pharmacological Research in Milan Italy. The study concludes:

“Our data indicate that 739,000 Italians have already tried IQOS, including 329.000 never smokers,” wrote researcher Xiaoqui Liu, of the Institute for Pharmacological Research ‘Mario Negri’ in Milan, and colleagues. “Moreover, another 1,205,000 Italian adults, including 619,000 non-smokers expressed their intention to try IQOS in the future.”

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  1. CRE

    CRE USA does not have the resources to comment on each and every study contained on this website  but is providing a mechanism for others to make comments on  the said study on this website. Nonetheless it should be noted that the study concluded that the respondents “tried” the product not that they converted to its use. Please use this link for private communications to CRE.

  2. Anonymous

    What are the next regulatory steps for PMI following the TPSAC meeting?

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