A Sleeper Provision in the Tobacco Control Act: Section 919 User Fees

In that CRE was founded and is presently managed by former officials of the White House Office of Management and Budget, CRE often follows the money.

We call our readers attention to Section 919 of the Act which places a levy on the tobacco industry to pay for FDA’s cost of implementing the Act–these costs escalate to nearly three quarters of a billion dollars in the last year of  the authorization.

CRE believes third-party  regulatory audits of these funds is advisable.  A regulatory audit often  differs from a financial audit in that it examines if the funds are spent solely for the purposes set forth in the Act, as opposed to looking primarily for waste, fraud and abuse

Please express your views.

Section 919

 STABLISHMENT OF QUARTERLY FEE.—Beginning on the  date of enacment, of the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act,  the Secretary shall in accordance with this section assess user fees on, and collect such fees from, each manufacturer and importer of tobacco products subject to this chapter. The fees shall be assessed and collected with respect to each quarter of each fiscal year, and the total amount assessed and collected for a fiscal year shall be the amount specified in subsection (b)(1) for such year, subject to subsection (c).


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