FDA shouldn’t ban e-cigarettes: PennLive letters

From: PennLive.com

Surprisingly, the FDA’s finalized regulations that will ban the sale of all currently marketed vapor products on August 8, 2018 will actually threaten the lives of millions of vapers and tens of millions of smokers. Electronic cigarettes could be the best harm reduction strategy we’ve seen in quitting tobacco use since–well cold turkey.

Government regulators understandably are worried about flavorings in e-cigarettes, but the “flavorings” are ubiquitous in many of our consumable products. They cite animal experiments that claim nicotine can alter development of the cerebral cortex and the hippocampus in adolescents. There are no human studies supporting either assertion, however, and the basic science literature does not corroborate worriment about nicotine (available over-the-counter, in patches and in gum).

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