Public health hang-up on e-cigs makes little sense

From: Charleston Gazette-Mail

By James Felsen


Regulations advocated by various groups, including the CDC and FDA, would make it so onerous to approve e-cigs as a “harm reduction” strategy that — even if approved — they would likely cost $10 or more per use, encouraging tobacco smokers to stick to cigarettes. Banning the use of these devices in public where they emit essentially the same substances as normal respirations — and far less than certain cooking, grilling and commercial processes — makes little sense scientifically. Theoretical risk of explosion or release of certain toxins at exceptionally high temperature are rarely reported and could be easily controlled by engineering changes and safety regulations.

However, one of the biggest arguments for requiring extensive testing and restricting use through taxes and other means is that the colors and flavoring can attract children and poison individuals. I agree, but so can colored, flavored condoms (aspiration and latex allergy) be dangerous to children. How about brightly colored, flavored cannabis laced gummy bears and lollipops? How much testing and approval is FDA requiring for these dangerous products? Childhood product safety requirements, as applied to any other product, should suffice.

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