New FDA e-cigarette regulations could threaten local businesses

From: Hays Post


The promise of new regulations by the Food and Drug Administration regarding nicotine juices for electronic cigarettes – commonly known as e-cigs – has local businesses concerned about damage to their bottom line. Theresa Herlocker, owner and manager of Grasshopper Vapes, 706 Vine, believes that while some regulation is necessary, over-regulation by the federal government could hurt the market and drive smaller shops out of business.

By the end of September, the FDA is expected complete new rules that would require federal approval for all e-cig devices and flavored nicotine juices sold in vapor shops such as Grasshopper Vapes. The approval process will cost an estimated $2 million to $10 million to collect necessary data and submit an application for each item. That price tag is expected to push the cost of the juices and accessories up dramatically.

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